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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure carried out in order to modify the look of a nose. When you want to have this kind of surgery, it is vital to know everything which would happen before as well as after the procedure. The surgery would be completed in a short time that it could even be performed at the office of the surgeon. 


During Surgery


Throughout the surgery, you would either be under a local or general anesthesia. When you're under the general anesthesia, you would sleep during the process as well as you would not have an idea with what's going on. But, when you're under a local anesthesia, you would be awake and would know the happenings around you. The parts of your body that will be numb is only in your nose.  Read more great facts on best rhinoplasty newport beach, click here. 


This surgery will typically last about 1 to 2 hours. Throughout this operation, the surgeon will separate the skin from cartilage and bone. The cartilage and bone will then be modeled into the desired shape and size. Once this is finished, your skin will be put back in its place. This surgery is the called as a closed type. Find out for further details on best rhinoplasty surgeon in orange county right here. 


Some other surgeons might utilize the open form of surgery, wherein a cut would be made at the middle area of the nose adjacent to your upper lip. After this, the scar that would be left would be rarely noticeable. 


After The Procedure


Once the procedure is done, you would have a nasal bandage or surgical splints on your nose. These can help in keeping the shape of your newly constructed nose. Inflammation and bruising are also normal and will typically fade away in  two weeks after the surgery. However, bruising could be improved in the first few days. 


Also,  you would experience a bit of bleeding and stuffy nose in several weeks. A nasal packing would help you in controlling the bleeding. Having a minor swelling which would subside in the first 2 weeks (if a closed technique is used) or 4 weeks, when open technique is used. 


There will usually be a small scar below the edge of the nose with an open technique. For those closer techniques, no scar will be visible. Usually, stitches would dissolve in one week when you had a closed technique. If an open technique has been used, then the patient will need to visit the surgeon to remove the stitches below the tip of the nose after about six days.